Sales as a Service

Through outsourcing of your sale, we can help you with every aspect of the sales process. From structuring and establishing your sales effort to growing your market share.

We do this by following up on existing leads and current customers. Furthermore, we create leads and follow-up on the new leads generated to your business.

Outsource your Sales to Syncopa to reach more people

Why do I need Sales as a Service?

No Sales Department

You lack Sales people, the knowledge and the right know-how? Allow yourself to do what you’re best at and let us do what we’re best at – Sales.

No Sales Strategy

You have your leads but how will you approach them? Will you follow up on them? We have answers for those questions.

Resources are Scarce​

You want to stay cost-effective and do not want to miss out on sales opportunities? Syncopa will put hours where it matters most – hot leads.


Do you have little overview of what’s going on in Sales? Worry not, we will bring you reports on monthly and quarterly basis.

Why do I need Sales as a Service?

How does it work?

Screening Meeting

Send us a message where you describe your case. We will get back to you in a few days and set up a meeting. Alternatively, you can reach to us through LinkedIn.

Setting up

We will assign a Sales consultant knowledgeable of your industry, who will represent you. We will make sure consultant stays motivated and performs according to discussed KPI’s.

Monthly Reporting

Our Sales consultant will keep you updated with Monthly reports. This will include specifics regarding time spent, amount of calls executed, meetings set and closed Sales. More details can be discussed during screening meeting.

Do you have questions on how it works? Perhaps, you are interested to use Sales as a Service?