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At Syncopa we are specialized in B2B sales within SaaS and tech. We scale your business through sales as a service. Our sales framework combined with a best in class CRM system forms the basis for high performance in sales. We can help you with every aspect of your sales process!

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Sales as a Service

Sales as a service is a useful option for small and medium sized businesses who do not have the resources or expertise to manage their own sales effort. It is a cost effective way for companies to expand sales efforts or reach new markets.

A key to a structured sales process is a CRM system. As a leading Pipedrive partner we offer to implement Pipedrive for your business. When fundamentals are in place we help you structuring, optimize, and scale your sales through our sales framework. We can manage your sales from booking meetings to closing the deals – partly or complete outsourcing of sales.

Our Team

Our employees have experience with structuring, optimizing and executing sales processes in various SaaS and tech companies.

At Syncopa we have highly skilled employees who can help you increase your sale. For us, understanding your customer is fundamental to a successful sale.

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Up to date Sales Practices

Are you interested in increasing your sales? We have experience and industry knowledge from various national and international SaaS and tech companies. Our best practices can help you scale your business!

Furthermore, we strive to share important insights as well as our experiences with our clients (Blog coming soon).

Some of our Clients

Scaling businesses with Sales capabilities of these brands.

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